e-Biz : India's G2B Portal

e-Biz : India's G2B Portal

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eBiz is India's one-stop-shop of convenient and efficient online Government-to-Business (G2B) services. The core theme of eBiz lies in radical shift by Government in its service approach, from being department-centric to customer-centric, in providing services to the business community. From this single website, you will be able to apply and manage all your licenses, clearances, registrations and regulatory filings. You no longer need to go from department to department or wait in line or hop multiple websites for information and services. eBiz is a collaborative effort involving government at the Central, State and municipal levels. It will dramatically reduce the complexity in obtaining information and services related to starting and operating a business in India. Using eBiz you will be able to:

  • Obtain information about the various licenses, clearances and registrations required to establish a new business in India;
  • Apply online for new or renewal of licenses, permissions, approvals, clearances and registrations
  • File tax returns and other regulatory reports;
  • Make electronic payments towards statutory (processing) fees, (stamp) duties, taxes, service fee etc.;
  • Track status of the application online;
  • Receive alerts via email and SMS on the progress of submitted application;
  • Interact online with the various Government departments such as responding to queries/clarifications, submit documents;
  • Obtain electronic copies of approved licenses, registration certificates and other clearance letters

Get started by Registering and exploring the services offered on eBiz. Also check-out the FAQs section for more information on getting started.